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Preparing for a Grid

Road Trip

Trust your intuition. If it feels right, it is!
If it doesn’t, it’s not!
Let’s Look at this as a planned road trip!

Preparing for a Grid


We need our Intention: the fuel that powers the vehicle

What is your intention? – it is very important to know exactly what you want to manifest. This is the most important ingredient. Make it clear, specific and heart-centered! A muddled intention will receive muddled results. Your intention will be used as an affirmation to activate the grid.

Example: “ I am abundant in every aspect of my life. I program this crystal grid to support me and remove any obstacles.”

We need our Grid: the road map

Grids can support receiving or sending, physical world or higher conciousness, physical, mental or emotional etc. Choose a grid that best supports your intention. The Flower of Life is a go to all-purpose grid.

You do not need a printed one. You can draw one or imagine one, as long as you consider how/where to lay the crystals to support the energy flow of your intention.

We need our Crystals: the vehicle that carries our intention along the path

Now that we have established our intention and grid, we can choose the crystals and anything else we choose to place on the grid.

Center stone, focus stone, keystone

Surrounding stones, supporting stones, way stones(intention stones – for smaller grid)

Outer grid or intention stones(optional for larger grids)

Activation Wand(optional)

Photos, maps or name(optional)

Any other items to be charged(optional)

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